Services Offered at The Pain Treatment Center

An evaluation at the Pain Treatment Center will include a comprehensive review of your medical history and current symptoms, a review of your previous treatments and diagnostic tests, a thorough physical examination and a discussion regarding appropriate treatment recommendations. Treatment options may include medications, physical therapy and

Dr. Knutson, Dr. Boutrous, Dr. Carlson and the staff are committed to working with the patient’s primary care physician to relieve pain and improve function. We offer precision diagnosis and treatment of persistent pain using fluoroscopy to see the size, shape, and structure of the patient’s internal bony structures. This allows us to deposit small doses of medication directly onto specific anatomic structures, aiding in the diagnosis and treatment of pain. If pain relief occurs, the injected structure may be identified as the “pain generator,” and future injection therapy, physical therapy, or surgical intervention can be targeted accordingly.

Precision Fluoroscopic Injections

  • A powerful tool and is being used in almost all pain patients.
  • Able to direct needles more precisely and quickly.
  • Delivery of site-specific medication onto specific anatomical structures allows more accurate diagnosis and better pain treatment.
  • Can be performed with more comfort, fewer complications and better results.

Fluoroscopy in the pain clinic is useful for:

  • Precise localization of pain-generating structures
  • Guiding and documenting placement of medications even in patients with difficult anatomies
  • Predicting results of proposed surgical interventions
  • Guiding surgical therapy